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Kean Seng Lee Cafe (建成利茶室)

Operation hours: 8am – 6pm Daily

Just a few doors away you’ll find a busy cafe just next to a hundred-year-old Taoist Temple. Their Hor Ka Sai (虎咬狮) drink is a must try! A concoction of Milo and Coffee made famous in Ipoh and Penang, this drink actually originates from here. Another popular dish is the prawn fritters (西亚煎) from a stall that sells 10 thousand pieces daily!

Walking distance from hotel: 1 minute

Kedai Kopi Lian Yu (良友茶室)

Operation hours: Morning till around 5pm

This coffee shop serves Crazy Coffee (疯狂咖啡) which is a mix of 6 ingredients, including Milo, coffee and Nestum!

Curry Noodles (三轮车咖喱面)

The modest stall at 隆冰水档 is a local favourite to enjoy a bowl of piping hot curry noodles. Known as 三轮车咖喱面, the noodles are served with thick curry soup and served with fish and shrimps. 


Ban Pecah, Tanjung Piandang

Get a romantic sunset view of the Malaca Strait ocean from here. You will pass through paddy fields to get there, which will be a great Instagram opportunity when the season is right!

Driving distance from hotel: 10 minutes

Kilang Beras Hai Hin

Get a complementary guided tour of this traditional rice mill which started in 1943 during WWII. Learn how rice is processed from the paddy into the final product. Be sure to call up the factory to arrange a tour session!
Tel: 012 – 474 5295 (Mr. Khor)

Driving distance from hotel: 10 minutes

Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary

During the migration season between August and April, some 50 species of birds are estimated to stop over here. Equipped with visitor centres, this sanctuary has won the “Best Tourist Attraction (Natural Attraction)” category during the Malaysia Tourism Awards.

Driving distance from hotel: 15 minutes


Bai Tian Gong (拜天公)

Every year, on the 8th day of Chinese New Year, Kuala Kurau’s streets are busy with celebration and the night sky lit with fireworks as the Hokkien community celebrate Bai Tian Gong, a ceremony to give thanks to the Jade Emperor.